"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

Helen Keller

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Our Story

We met about 9 years ago up at Brigham Young University Idaho. We have Nelson's cousin to thank for our introduction. We have lived in Washington and New York. Both of us come from large families and knew that we always wanted to have one of our own. 

After a couple of years of marriage we decided that we were ready to start trying for our own family.  At first when nothing happened we weren't alarmed and kept enjoying the life we built. But then months turned into years and we become more and more concerned.   

We decided to work with a Fertility Clinic. We tried different treatments and approaches. Again, with no results. We were at a crossroads. We could continue to pour resources, time and effort into more fertility treatments or we could take another avenue to grow our family. 

We decided that we wanted to become Foster Parents. We knew that there were children out there that needed love and security and we could provide that for them. We completed the training and were working with a local agency when COVID-19 hit and halted the process. Just as the whole world has been impacted by this pandemic so were we. 

Again, another crossroads. 

We are grateful for this experience because it has given us the opportunity to spend time with our nieces, nephews and family in ways we wouldn't have been able to do otherwise. But that desire to start our own family continues to grow.

So, here we are asking for anyone who knows of a birth family who would be willing to let us adopt their child or children to reach out to us. 

With Love,

Erica and Nelson

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