Last fall my parents had 2 trees removed from their backyard. They were plum trees that were there my entire childhood. I wanted to do something special with the wood so I asked if the person removing them would be willing to cut some longer pieces out of the trunk. I have those sitting and drying out, but I also took the time to go through the pile of wood from the rest of the tree and I found a beautiful piece where a large branch is coming out of the trunk.

I saw that this piece of wood had potential. So I pulled it out of the pile and allowed it to start drying out of the elements as well. I spent the year as it dried thinking about what I would want to do with it. I finally decided I would slab it and make pretty cheese boards.

As I explore wood working I find that I get a lot of satisfaction using wood from trees that are significant to me in my projects. I am excited to make cutting boards for my siblings out of wood from a tree in my grandmother's yard. These cheese boards still have some time to dry now that they are slabbed but I look forward to working with them.

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